Saturday, July 26, 2008

Let the Music heal your soul!!!

Let us talk about the power of Music, as a perfect stress-buster, to the daily stresses of the day.
Sometime back, there were a few articles about a leading doctor, who played music, while performing surgery! And another instance, when a doctor plays some instrument in the hospital wards, for his patients !!
Ritual drumming, music mantras, rhythmic prayers have been existing since ages. Everything in nature and the human body works in a rhythm, and hence music and its rhythm help relax the body.
According to the brain waves theory, the human brain generates four kinds of waves – alpha, beta, theta and delta. When you are talking, working etc. your brain generates beta waves. But when you sit down, and relax and calm yourself down, relaxing waves like alpha waves and some theta waves are generated. And when you fall asleep, the brain generates what are known as delta waves.

Slow Music promotes the release of alpha and theta waves, which have a calming effect on the body and cells.
Slow Music also affects the autonomic nervous system, which controls our breathing and heart rate, in our body. Music slows down the heart rate and promotes relaxation.
It also slows down the blood pressure in the body.
Slow, calming music is a perfect relaxation tool, since it helps ease tensed muscles.
Music is said to promote optimism, creativity and a positive state of mind.

Music has been one of the preferred options when dealing with special populations like cancer patients, diabetics, those with attention deficit disorders (ADD) or suffering from insomnia, or depression and many other complications.
And the best part about using music as a tool for stress management is its ease and simplicity of use!
You don’t have to force yourself to sit down in a session and then listen to music..
You can do it while you are taking a bath, while you are cooking, while you are eating, in the car on the way to office and back and absolutely any place! And moreover, it need not be some sophisticated music, it could be anything that you like, and feel comfortable with…

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