Thursday, October 9, 2008

Laugh your worries out!!

Ask any prospective bride about the qualities in her dream man, and you will surely hear this. Ask anyone celebrating the golden anniversary of their married life, and you will again hear this – Sense of Humour.
The fact is that human beings place so much importance on this aspect of human nature – is because of the “feel good” factor that accompanies a good hearty laugh.
The emotions we experience have the power to directly affect our immune and neurological system. Positive emotions enhance secretion of hormones which can counter act the negative effects of stress – and laughter has the power to bring out this positivity.
§ Laughter can negate the effects of stress related hormone- Cortisol, secreted when the body is tensed.
§ Laughter triggers the release of Endorphins—the ‘feel good’ hormone and body's natural painkillers.
§ Laughter has been found to have positive effects on lowering blood pressure and reduce hypertension.
§ Studies have found that, laughter cleanses the lungs of accumulated air as it empties more air than it takes in and is thus beneficial for patients suffering from respiratory ailments.
§ It also exercises our facial muscles and contributes to general well-being.It also promotes our interpersonal and social relations – which have the highest potential to de-stress us.

Although, forceful laughter, as in the case of certain “laughter clubs” does not provide all the benefits of a natural, relaxed laughter, it does seem to be a favourite option with people.
Having a relaxed time with people you like is still a better option – man is, after all a social animal !!

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