Sunday, January 23, 2011

Multi Gym – Compact and healthy!

Multi-gyms at home or at a society club house, are a great way to keep your exercise routine going, especially during winters or rainy season, when stepping out of the house to go to your health club may not feel like an attractive option! Needless to mention, there are also many people who use the multi-gym at all times, whether in the comfort of their own homes, workplace or the clubhouse.

A multi-gym is also a good option to be installed at the workplace, if employee well being is am area of interest to the management.
Some of the features of multi-gym machines are as below -
They are very versatile, in that they usually have exercise equipments arranged for almost all body parts, right from chest muscles, back to thighs and abdominals. Some common exercises are bench press, lat pulldown, leg curls, abdominal crunches, tricep pushdowns, bicep curls and in some models, leg press as well.
The space requirement is really compact as compared to the total space that all these machines individually, will occupy. It could be as small as 5 x 5 feet, and hence are ideal when there are space constraints. Also all movements during the exercises also fit in close to the periphery of the machine, and hence there is no need for too much space clearance on either side!
All seats are comfortable and at similar adjustable heights, very much like the regular machines. They also have the usual ranges of resistance or weight plates like the regular machines.
Though they are perfect for weight training, they offer absolutely no options for a cardio workout. A good workout must have a good balance between the cardio, weight training and stretching parts. Hence it is necessary to find ways for a cardio workout in addition to weight training.
Also, multi-gyms are expensive machines, and hence getting them for personal use is a good option, only in case one is serious about fitness and working out. Also, since it may be un-supervised, it is necessary to have some prior experience of working out to get the form and technique of each exercise right, either at a health club or under a personal trainer to avoid injuries and strains.

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