Saturday, September 13, 2008

Importance of Sleep

Here is one more excuse for turning up late at office!! How you realized the importance of getting good amount of sleep…
But seriously, this is the most ignored area that generally brings along with it a host of problems down the road. Partying late night, watching movies till late night, studying till late night or working till late night and then getting up early the next day, over a period of time causes a long list of problems, which has also been a favourite topic of research among researchers.

It is only when you sleep, that the growth hormones are secreted by the master glands in the human body – which regulate the entire metabolism on the body and the body’s responses to various stimuli. It is important to get at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep everyday.

· A good amount of sleep affects memory efficiency through improving the storage and retrieval of information. It also improves alertness.
· Less sleep affects the endocrine system – thereby altering the secretion and levels of hormones in the body – which affect weight, mood, appetite, and immune system.
· Chronic deprivation of sleep leads to weight gain, and makes it difficult to lose weight.
· Research has shown that chronic sleep deprivation also causes errors in judgement – thereby leading to a higher rate of accidents, mishaps and injuries. It is also said to promote “road rage” – as we like to call it.
· Lack of sleep leads to irritability, road rage, anger, depression, loss of concentration, lowered ability to think and take decisions, moodiness etc.
· Chronic lack of sleep also gives rise to digestion problems, constipation, ulcers, flatulence etc. it also causes drug / alcohol / tobacco cravings leading to drug abuse.
· Sleep deprivation also lowers the immune system of the body and hence makes you easily prone to common infections or other problems.
· It also supports hypertension, diabetes, obesity, heart problems, cancer indirectly through weight gain, hormonal imbalances and low immunity.
· Sleep is also very important for recovery and rest after heavy bouts of exercises, especially if you want to build muscles.


Ashish said...
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Ashish said...

You have got to be kiddin me.
I need atleast 8-9 hrs to feel good. Going to work on 6-7 hrs kills me everyday.
Any solution suggest me one.

ReFuel with Sindhu said...

forget work...sleep on ..afterall health is wealth :P

Ashish said...

Never thought about that.
I am going to resign from my job, and KEEP DREAMIN'.