Saturday, April 4, 2009

Mind Matters

Have you been in a situation where you have been a regular fitness enthusiast and yet not got any results? Or rather, you have been ‘trying’ to lose weight, but the scales just won’t budge! And you wonder why it is so difficult to achieve your desired weight and then feel like giving up?

History has recorded many leading psychologists and scientists proving that it is indeed the mind that controls the body. All bodily manifestations of disorders, diseases and discomforts have their origin in the mind. This has been around as commonsense since centuries but just that it has not been given its due importance.

What is most important to realize is how our thoughts and corresponding actions over a period of time manifest into diseases and disorders. The word ‘dis-ease’ itself shows that something is not at ease! So, sometimes you must have come across people who have developed diabetes after a close one’s death or someone who has developed tumor due to childhood abuse. Trauma usually manifests itself as some chronic disease or disorder.

The power of our human mind to heal itself without external help is unimaginable. That does not mean that medications are not necessary. It just means that along with medications, using the power of the mind can give more effective and faster results. Medications are usually required to bring a disease or disorder under control, initially. However, once under control you can learn to use the mind power to root out the cause of the disease or the disorder.

As a proof of our tremendous power, there have been many cases like the “Miracle Man”, so called because he used his mind power to get him out of a complete paralysis due to an accident. There have been many other people who have cured themselves of their cancers, tumors and paralysis – miraculous things, which otherwise sound impossible!


Rohit said...


I loved reading your blog especially because I am quite fitness conscious myself.Great articles on so many varied aspects of health and fitness.


REFUEL with Sindhu said...

Good to know that Rohit.. I hope I can keep the content more informative! Enjoy reading....

Zillion 2nd Innings said...

Hi, Sindhu!

It feels great to have connected with you through LinkedIn and greater to have visited your happennig blog, here.

I'm sure, we are going to gel well together sharing each other's opinions and thoughts.

Will get back to you soon after hearing from you. Until then, Take care! Cheers!

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