Sunday, June 8, 2008

If I stop gym, will I put on weight?

This question should enter the Guinness Book of World records as the single most widely asked question, across all age groups!!!!!!!
It seems like a good enough excuse to not workout, but then that is what it is – an excuse with no thought put into it!!

Weight loss is a simple equation of input versus output. Very simply put, when you suddenly stop doing any activity that you were previously engaging in, the output goes down, while the input continues at the same or increased level.
It has been observed, generally, that when a person begins an exercise program, he tends to intake more calories, due to the inherent nature of physical activity, psychology etc.

Also, when a physical activity program is a part of the daily routine, the body revs up its metabolism and burns calories more efficiently. A few days after the activity is stopped, the metabolism becomes sluggish and the usual calorie intake is prone to be stored as fat.
Infact, here is where weight training helps out. Muscle mass, being an active mass needs calories for its sustenance. But then again, weight training works on the “use it or lose it” principle, so it has to be a continuous effort !!!!!

So what is the MORAL OF THE STORY?
Firstly, health is a commitment for life, and 2-3 months is not life!!!
You have to engage in some sort of a physical activity on a regular basis.
The activity type depends on whether you are in the working phase or the maintenance phase.

Like for example, a person on weight loss program, who was exercising for 1 hour / 6 days a week while in the working phase (weight loss), can maintain that weight by even exercising 1 hour / 3 days a week….
Now if I hear this question again…………………………………………………

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