Sunday, June 8, 2008

The REAL Scenario of Indian Fitness Industry

The Fitness industry is the 7th largest growing industry in the world at present, and to say that its only going to go upwards would be no exaggeration!
This is a competitive industry, and delivery of excellent service is a pre-requisite for its survival and success .A satisfied customer is more likely to continue buying the services, engage in positive word-of-mouth publicity, and increase the volume of purchases.
Which raises questions, which you as customers need to verify……..
Does your trainer avoid your exercise related queries?Or does he suffer “Verbal Diarrhea”, and start a completely insensible argument?
b) Have you ever felt that your trainer is not updated with the latest trends in the Health &
Fitness industry? Or that he is dishing out clearly wrong information?
c) Have you been asked about your aim for starting your exercise routine, your medical
background, your daily diet & activity routine?

In a world where we give such a great importance on using certified products and services (be it the ISO, CE, FDA etc. certifications), why do we compromise when it comes to the trainers at our gyms, who are infact dealing with the most delicate product ever created – the Human Body?
Most of the gyms (big or small) have their own certification course, which ofcourse is valid only within their gym or its branches, stretching about 3 months, max.
Now, even doctors take about 6-18 months just to learn the basic human anatomy and physiology. So, can you imagine how much a person would learn in 3-5 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shocking, isn’t it?
This is where the importance of a fitness trainer being certified by a well established, accountable, and widely recognized organization/university, comes into picture. The certifications need to be widely accepted, and provide means for continuous upgradation.
For example, there are over 400 certifications in the industry, with NCCA (National Commission for Certifying Agencies) in the US, as one of the premier bodies, which provides quality accreditation.
A certified trainer is well versed with the human anatomy and physiology specifics, thus enabling him to devise & modify exercises, workouts, to suit individual needs and limitations as well as provide the necessary guidance to achieve your personal best.
Let us not forget that we exercise to become fit and not to end up with injuries!

Also, he/she is well-informed in the areas of CPR, Nutrition, Health-screening, Testing protocols, Exercise-prescription, & General training knowledge regarding special populations (like diabetics, post-stroke patients, arthritis patients, etc.)

In addition, he/she is also well versed with concepts of Energy cycles, Fat-burning zones, Aerobic conditioning zones, Angle of attack, Range of motion, Grand-Daddy principles of weight training, Variable resistance training, Flexibility training, etc. plus well aware of the latest trends like Pilate’s, Core Board conditioning, Therabands, Stability balls, Medicine balls, Tae-Bo, Kickboxing, Power Yoga, and numerous others.
This versatile knowledge is highly useful, especially when it comes to personal training, and group fitness training, as it helps to add creativity, variety, enjoyment, and to the otherwise mundane workout schedule.
Hence to get the most of the precious 45 minutes that you can spare for your health, don’t you think a certified trainer would be the best?

So trainers and enthusiasts, go ahead--- --- GET YOURSELF CERTIFIED OR ATLEAST DEMAND A CERTIFIED TRAINER!!

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