Friday, June 20, 2008

Shoes for the right moves !!

Welcome to the discussion of the favourite activity for ladies and a few men as well !! Before you start thinking, no,
its not kitty parties….its the aerobics sessions at your gym.
Aerobics sessions are a great stress buster, calorie-burner, and make for an enjoyable cardio workout.
They are ideally designed to be low-impact (since one foot is always in contact with the floor) activities done using different moves on the floor or using the STEP to a rhythmic count sequence.

Aerobic dancing involves quick lateral movements, jumping, and leaping for extended periods of time usually lasting for an hour, and hence the shoes must have -
Good medial-lateral (side-to-side) stability.
Sufficient cushioning and shock absorption to compensate for pressure on the foot, which is many times greater than found in walking.
The tongue of the shoe should be thick, and the lace mechanism has to be perfectly fitting, to provide forefoot stability.
Make sure shoes have a toe box that is high enough to prevent irritation of toes and nails.
Basically, you should look out for shoes that provide lateral stability, support while permitting both twisting and turning.
Now, I am sure, after reading last few articles, you must be calculating the investment required, just for shoes !!!
Well there is a solution, my friends !!!! They are called “ Crosstrainers”.
They can also be used for your fitness routine, which involves running, walking, weight lifting and for some sports.
Running or walking shoes are built for the forward motion of running, and do not provide any stability to the ankle for side-to-side motion; only cross-trainers are designed to prevent injury and support lateral moves.
You should also wear cross-trainers when weight-lifting, because they provide the most multi-directional support.
Most cross-trainers have a wider outsole than running or walking shoes, which contributes to their excellent stability for lateral motion.They are designed to be used for multiple activities, and hence a good investment if your routine consists of multiple activities.Well…. that sounds relieving, I hope !!!!

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