Sunday, June 8, 2008

May the truth guide you!!!!

Continuing from the last week’s discussion about the numerous benefits of weight training, I would now like to focus on breaking what we, in the Fitness Industry describe the biggest myth ever – That women will put on bulk or become muscular by using weights!!
And by weights I mean those apart from the fancy pink and purple dumbbells!!

The fact is that women do not possess the necessary amount of testosterone, which is the main hormone required for building muscle mass, and they never will, at least naturally.
Hence it is IMPOSSIBLE for women to build muscle mass or look masculine, unless they use artificial drugs!
Infact, there are so many men who struggle to gain weight despite men having high amounts of testosterone, naturally.

This is a proven fact! So all you ladies please leave all the worries behind and grab some weights, whatever your age may be!
Remember, muscle takes up less space than fat and is more metabolically active than fat.
Women, naturally have lesser muscle mass as compared to men, which further decreases as age catches up.
Over the last decade of research, weight training has been widely recommended for women and especially those
over the age of fifty, although under supervision.
· You Will Be Physically Stronger.
· You will have more strength to carry out your daily activities, leading to lesser injuries.
· Helps to get back in shape, especially posture-wise after pregnancy.
· Adding weight training helps burn body fat, long-term.
· Sport specific training can be used to enhance your performance at competitive or recreational sports.
· Increases your neuro-muscular coordination and balance.
· Will reduce your chances of developing osteoporosis along with the help of other factors.
· helps to reduce the risk of heart diseases, diabetes, obesity, and other health complications in the long run
· You will reduce the risk of lower back problems, which are generally posture-related!
· It helps to boost self-esteem and combat depression.
Remember, don’t just believe – QUESTION and get informed !!!!! and get FIT !!

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