Sunday, June 8, 2008


I’m not fat! I don’t need to lose weight! So why should I exercise?
I’m a housewife, so I’m moving around the house the whole day. That’s exercise right? So why should I exercise more?
Exercise!!!! I’m so thin! Ill become even thinner! Why should I exercise?
Exercise? I’m 40 years old! It’s too late to start now!

Sounds familiar? How many times have we come across clearly overweight housewives or professionals, who are constantly on the move the whole day, but yet find themselves heading towards the “XL” section while shopping?
Or our grandparents who think they are too old to exercise!
The basic point that these people are missing, is that exercise need not be restricted to just losing weight, or for the younger population.
That’s where the concept of fitness comes into picture. Fitness is a complete holistic development of an individual-social, mental, and emotional, and not merely the absence of diseases.
Exercise promotes the wellness quotient of an individual. Want to know how?
Read on…
► It reduces your risk for getting heart diseases, weight related problems, hypertension, chances of a stroke, cancer and other stress-related problems.
► Relieves stress & tension headaches, anxiety disorders, simultaneously boosting the body immunity against infections, and diseases.
► It improves glucose tolerance, which helps prevent the onset of diabetes.
► It also improves your digestive system functioning, helps fight gastric distress, constipation, etc.
► For females, it reduces the menstrual disorders, PMS, and chances of different forms of cancer.
Not only this, but exercise does wonders for your Emotional Wellness Quotient as well, since it
► It releases endorphins & enkephalins, which help battle stress.
► It improves your physical appearance, skin texture, and as a result your self-esteem.
► It helps to alleviate depression, anxiety.
Moreover, you cant overlook the fact that we are aging by the day, and consequently losing muscle and bone mass, and are prone to put on weight even with our same eating habits.
Means, we start heading towards the “XL” section while shopping!!!!!!
Again, exercise helps to,
► Increase muscle tissue mass, as response to weight training.
► Increase bone density, which helps the chances of developing osteoporosis
► Improves and maintains joint flexibility, and ligament strength, thus reducing possibilities muscle tears, fractures, etc.
► Helps correct postural imbalances, resulting from faulty posture over the years.
► Enhances sexual desire, performance & satisfaction.
Really, exercise is like a free tonic for looking and feeling great. Maximum returns with minimum investment! Controlling your diet alone has very little long-term effectiveness!!!
What’s the use of wasting all our hard earned money on medical and hospital bills?

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