Saturday, March 6, 2010

A band new idea!

An interesting way to spice up your routine – using the Theraband™ exercise bands and tubes, which are popularly found these days in many health clubs and fitness centers.

Though they look and sound very simple and interesting to use, before beginning a workout with Therabands, there are some tips to keep in mind.

The Therabands offer resistance and hence it is very important to warm-up using a mild cardio activity.
Post the general warm-up, use some dynamic stretches for the muscle groups that you will be targeting. For-example, if you are targeting legs (quadriceps), go in for a set of free squats, just to activate the muscles, before challenging them!
Preferably use a handle (easily available while purchasing the bands and tubes), since holding the ends, especially at higher resistances, in the hands could cause changes in blood flow and may cause blood pressure to vary.
Always perform slow and controlled motions with controlled breath. That in itself provides a challenge to the muscles.
Check the bands and tubes for defects/tears from time to time to avoid snapping
It is preferable to remove your finger rings, bangles and other sharp objects that may cause problems
Perform a cool down in the same as you do, after a regular workout.
A workout using bands can be safely and effectively performed 3-4 days a week, targeting different muscle groups.
Use a resistance that allows you to do atleast 10-15 repetitions.
Once you get used to the resistance you are using, initially try to vary the speed of repetitions to increase the challenge, and only then consider progressing onto the next higher resistance color.

The tubes and bands can be used to all muscle groups including some deep and postural muscles like Rhomboids etc.

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