Saturday, March 6, 2010

Wholistic Fitness!

Its no longer sufficient to only focus on strength, stamina and suppleness as a part of one’s workout – components of fitness like balance, agility, co-ordination etc. also must be focused on to get the best out of any fitness routine, especially, as age begins to catch up with us!
A very important component, along with agility, which was discussed last week, is – balance – the ability to control the body's position, either when it is stationary or moving. This component is especially important for sportspersons, since this contributes heavily to the quality and consistency of their performance.
These components – agility, balance, co-ordination all are an outcome of well-conditioned neuro-muscular co-ordination systems in the body, which in turn depends on activities of daily living, diet and nutrition, lifestyle and occupation!
Balance, in addition is also depends on our senses – auditory, visual and kinesthetic receptors and feedback, along with the spine and brain, all of which define the state of balance while static or dynamic.

Thus, a person with a pre-dominantly sedentary lifestyle, may not have his agility and balance skills up-to the mark, which can hamper his reflexes and reaction times, unless he involves himself in other activities that challenge and develop these components, maybe in the form of games, puzzles and more!

Some tips to work on balance are –
• Un-stable surfaces used while performing the usual exercises, help develop the core and also balance skills.
• Balancing on one leg, when standing, anytime during the day, or even while exercising is a good option. An advanced version would be to stand on one leg, with your eyes closed!

Do not try stunts at home! Make sure you do it along with someone, or in a health club

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