Saturday, March 6, 2010


One such useful gadget, which is very popular in many foreign countries, and yet to catch up in India, is the Pedometer, or simply put – a device to measure the number of steps you have walked on any given day. The two basic uses of it being, recording the number of steps, and also acting as a motivator.

A Pedometer is basically a digital and electro-mechanical device, used to record the number of steps, by using sensors to detect the motion of the hips, while walking. The sensors are usually mechanical and the measured value is converted into a readable digital format by the electronic device, usually a step counter. Thus, it is usually, but not necessarily, placed around the hips, especially on the belt.

One can wear the pedometer for the whole day and count the number of steps on a daily basis, or just wear it while going for a walk or any other physical activity that involves moving around. The US norms are around 10,000 steps for achieving a healthy lifestyle.

In addition there are also many modern hi-tech gadgets that provide the Pedometer function like some mobile phones from Nokia, I-pods etc. which can be very useful too. There are also various websites that allow people to track their progress, by entering the records daily. The only limitations, which are being sorted out, are that the pedometers are not sensitive to intensity of the steps and also, unless they are well calibrated, they may record other than walking activities involving hip movement like bending down etc. also as a step, and hence give wrong outputs. Most of the latest ones available, are corrected for these limitations.

They are indeed great motivators and help in maintaining a record of the physical activities and thus monitoring the routine, thus helping to ensure that progression is carried out in the right direction.

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