Saturday, March 6, 2010

Visualize your way to health!

A paradigm that has been popular since ages, and something that has been widely researched upon - is the effectiveness of visualization as an important tool right from weight loss to even treating cancer!

Though it sounds illogical and fantasy-like, millions of people all over the world have used and continue to use visualization to get the results they want, of course complementing it with exercising and healthy food habits. Infact, it is not uncommon to find that exercising and eating healthy were a consequence of visualizing oneself in the desirable body! It has also been used popularly in sports, especially athletes, who visualize their winning performance.

The underlying beauty of the visualization process is that it honours the relation of the mind on body, instead of isolating the two or focusing on only either of them. The conscious mind has a limited capacity and is just a small part of our brain-mind system, while the sub-conscious forms the more important part, with unlimited capacity!
The effect of mind over body and its health/illness is well established and is usually categorized as ‘psychosomatic’, with many specialists, experts and therapists working in this domain.
Hence, even if we are regular and religiously do our exercise, if we have a negative image of ourselves or are unable to visualize us in our desirable bodies, the results take a long time to manifest, if they do!

Some simple and very popular tips are -
o Cut out a picture of some actor/actress or any other role model, or may be a picture of yourself from the past, and place it in front of your work-desk, or somewhere in the kitchen or even the bathroom door – any place you frequent! Give the subconscious mind something to chew on.

o Couple of times in a day, sitting/lying down in a relaxed manner, imagine yourself in the desired health or fitness level, soak in and feel the happy and positive emotions that it brings up.

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Vikram Karve said...

Nicely written.
Yes, visualization does a lot of benefit.